Freedom Exacts a Price

We all cherish our freedom. A nation built on rugged individualism producing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship, we relish our autonomy, being beholden to no-one, free to pursue our God-given inalienable rights to pursue the self-evident truths of liberty, life and happiness.

Since America became a nation, wrenching itself free from the despot clutches of the  18th century English monarchy, it has remained the land where freedom reigns. But freedom, as noble as an endeavor it may be, is not free. No, indeed. Freedom comes at a great cost, demanding not only vigilance by the Republic’s citizenry, but exacting payment in blood.

We Hold These Truths

You see, freedom does not come without a fight. In our world, to be free is still a rarer occurrence than we might like to believe. For a nation to remain free, it is dependent on those who serve it by protecting it and what it stands for. To date, some 1.2 million soldiers, men and women alike, have laid down their lives so that you and I might know what it is to exist free.

The price of freedom is something we should remember today of all days. In return, we need to be a watchful people, standing up for our freedoms, so that those who died defending our right to enjoy them did not die in vain. It is the least we can do to honor those who gave their all for us to have the opportunity to enjoy our all.

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