So This Happened Last Night…

Looking back at 2017, one of the coolest things that happened was having the opportunity to share about blogging and digital media with the Writers Guild of Texas alongside fellow blogger/writer Kathryn McClatchy.

The Devotional Guy

On a hot Summer evening, a small crowd of faithful writers braved the sweltering July heat and gathered in the Basement at the Richardson Public Library  for the debut of “Separating Your Blog from the Herd“. “Separating Your Blog from the Herd” is a presentation put together by my fellow blogging cohort Kathryn McClatchy and myself in an effort to share our blogging experiences and insights with fellow bloggers. The Writers Guild of Texas was gracious enough to host our debut event.

Some of the folks in our audience were considering starting a blog for the first time, while others had a considerable amount of experience in blogging but were interested in learning new ways to improve their content, increase traffic, and improve reader engagement.

1489803731446_Herding Elephants

Blogging is a legitimate and viable 21st century form of writing. If you like to create and communicate, blogging is an…

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The Next Stop

“The Next Stop” garnered a lot of positive feedback from people I engage with through different groups, events, and other shared interests. It’s a retelling of events as they occurred on a DART ride to the UGM men’s shelter downtown.

The Devotional Guy

It was Friday night, and I was on the DART rail headed over to Uptown to meet up with my wife, Sweet T so we could drive over to the women’s shelter where we conduct a small chapel service every 3rd Friday of the month. The train I got on was somewhat crowded, given the hour. A DART officer was making rounds, checking ticket stubs. I looked around for a seat. A young man donning a baseball cap, sunglasses, a shirt with cut-off sleeves and tattered blue jeans fidgeted with his backpack. Without turning to me, he said: “Hey there brother.” Seeing the seat next to him was empty, I waited for him to get situated and decided to sit down next to him. “Where you headed?” he asked.

“Uptown. You?”

“The country.” He chuckled. “Naw, I mean I’m from the country. Ready to get out of this city. It’s not…

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