Beyond Blessed: Never Stop Learning

Friday night, May 18, certainly goes down as a memorable life moment that I was honored and privileged to share with fellow graduates, university faculty,  friends, and family. It marks the culmination of years of effort and investment, both on my end, but more importantly on the part of others. I am not a self-made man, but simply the return on investment nurtured by so many incredible people. I was proud to have the love of my life, Sweet T accompany me across the stage at the Amberton University graduation. What an honor to celebrate this achievement with someone who has stood by me, encouraged me, and believed in me. This would not have been possible without you. I think back to all the teachers, recent and long past, who shared their time and knowledge with me. And I recollect the counsel and support of family, friends, and mentors that got me to this point. Without you all, I would not have been able to accomplish this goal and achieve this moment of joy. I am beyond blessed. 

Me and T

I’m not one who thinks that college is for everybody or that believes you need to get a degree to be successful in life. I know far too many people who have found success without ever getting a degree. But, for many, a college education opens doors it wouldn’t otherwise. And as one of our speakers noted on Friday night, knowledge and an education is something no one can ever take away from you. Regardless of what you do or what your calling in life is, I urge you to never stop learning. Be a life-long learner.


It is true that I didn’t take the traditional route to get here. That’s been true for most of my journey on this road called life. I learned long ago that life doesn’t always follow a straight trajectory. Perseverance, resilience, determination, and a ton of prayer can get you from here to there. You just got to find a way to keep on keepin’ on. And you’ll definitely need the support of others along the way.

I am eternally grateful to the sea of teachers, instructors, and professors who helped me along the way. Yours is truly a worthy profession. Thank you. To my myriad of mentors, who the Lord so graciously provided: Thank you. To my family and friends—thank you. To my precious Mom and my parents-in-law–Thank you.

To my bride—Sweet T—Thank you.

With the completion of one adventure another one awaits. While I’m not entirely sure what the next stretch looks like, I do know that God is good and that as the next chapter is written, He will be walking alongside me. Never lose your sense of adventure.

Yes! I am beyond blessed. My prayer is that you may be also.

Amberton 2018

Monday Morning Memories: Scarborough Renaissance Festival®

The weather the past couple of weeks has been a crazy rollercoaster. Sunday morning, Terri and I were blessed with a beautiful sunny day perfect for venturing down to Waxahachie to visit the Scarborough Renaissance Festival®.  We had a great time touring the fairgrounds, people-watching, enjoying turkey legs and sausages, laughing with the German Brothers, and exploring the Dungeon. Festival diehards were fully decked out in Renaissance gear, Lords and Ladies donning full regalia and decked out in beautiful costumes. The multitude of artists is almost overwhelming and covers unique ground.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is an interactive experience for everyone, harkening back to the 16th Century. There are full combat armored jousts, Birds of Prey, and the popular Mermaid Lagoon. The festival grounds feature 27 stages and 200 village shoppes complete with artisan demonstrations. There are also rides, games of skill, and tons of food and drink.

Festival Facts

Began in 1981.

The festival runs 8 consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Each Spring (April & May).

One of the largest and most popular Renaissance festivals in the country.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is a Renaissance themed festival set in a re-created 16th Century English village.

The “village” of Scarborough is 35 acres (larger than most shopping malls) set within a 167 acre site.

More than 20 tons of the Festival’s famous Giant Turkey Legs are devoured annually during the eight week festival.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is one of the largest outdoor “juried” craft shows in the country.


150 Members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA) make up the performing company that become the “characters” of Scarborough including Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles.

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Best Place to Escape Reality – Dallas Observer

“Top (#2) Family Friendly Renaissance Faire in the U.S.” – Family Vacation Critic

Best Seasonal Event in Ellis Co – Waxahachie Daily Light

Top 5 Things to Do in D/FW – Dallas Morning News

Top 6 Events Not to Miss in D/FW – Dallas Child

Top 10 Things to Do – Fort Worth Star Telegram

Best Bet – Dallas Voice


The annual festival is a fun adventure worth the drive and great for family-fun, a day out with friends, or the one you love.

Dates & Times

Saturdays, Sundays and Memorial Day Monday, April 7 – May 28, 2018 10:00AM – 7:00PM