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Rain and cold are on the weather menu today. The local area I call home is under a flash flood and winter weather watch. YIKES! The high is not expected to get out of the 30s Wednesday. The good news is that in a couple of days, we’ll see sunnier skies with temps in the 70s. That’s Texas for you. If you don’t like the weather, just wait. Winter today, Spring tomorrow.


People look at me weird when they ask me what I do, and I respond, “I’m a blogger.” Sometimes they will be brave enough to ask me what I blog about. Their curiosity dies suddenly when I say, “Faith and recovery, mostly.”

Other times, folks will smile and utter, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to blog.” It takes me back to my restaurant days when every dog and cat thought getting into the restaurant business sounded like a good retirement plan.


Like operating restaurants, blogging is more difficult than it looks. Blogging is hard work.

For starters, blogging demands a great deal of time. Fresh content fuels return readers and increases SEO effectiveness and follower engagement. That means maintaining the site by producing content several days per week and updating the overall look and feel of your site regularly. The blogosphere’s junkyard is littered with blogs that have been forgotten by their creators.

blog·o·sphere  [ˈbläɡəˌsfir]  NOUN 1. personal websites and blogs collectively

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If you’re going to create fresh content several times a week, then you’re going to need sources to pull ideas from or you’ll sit in front of your laptop with that blank stare accompanying writers block. Consider inviting fellow bloggers to guest post on your blog every so often. You can return the favor, of course. Blogging isn’t all words. Images and video can make posts more interesting. Maybe you simply want to post a meme or short video communicating your thoughts for the day.

Blogging requires patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and chances are your blog audience won’t be either. Growing followers, gathering momentum, and building reader engagement take time. There’s simply no way from here to there without a willingness on your part to exercise patience, while nurturing your blog in an environment that fosters success…eventually.

Like the old saying goes…if at first you don’t succeed…keep blogging.

Andrew Peterson-The Dark Before the Dawn


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The Remarkable Truth About Writing in a Monumental Transformative 21st Century

We live in a busy world on the move amid a hodge-podge of multiple cultures and different generations working together to achieve the boss’s goals. A happy boss makes a happy you. Rapidly changing technology demands that we become continuous learners, adapting to the new ways of communicating and performing work. Artificial intelligence and robots are on the horizon threatening to alter how we live, work, and play. Maybe ‘threatening’ is the wrong word. But be sure, change is coming.


How will these changes affect you as a writer? Technology has changed how we write. We are far removed from the days of feather plumes and inkwells. I recall how dramatic having a word processor instead of a ribbon typewriter was for me as a young aspiring writer. Now as an aging aspiring writer, they have apps for that.


Our multi-generational, cross-cultural world will influence the type of characters we write about and the stories we tell about them. How can they not? As a kid writer, I conjured up several aliases and pen names I could write under, since I didn’t see a bunch of books on the public library shelves written by authors with strange-sounding, odd-spelled names. In comparison, today my name doesn’t seem as out-of-place as more and more international writers are finding space on the local bookshelves.

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Advancements in technology have also made publishing more accessible to more people. This is both good and bad. The publishing houses do act as a filter, working diligently to ensure a certain quality of writing is published. However, you don’t necessarily need a publisher today. You can self-publish. Of course, this means you gotta get out and hustle to sell your books since you don’t have the marketing department of a publishing house behind you. Distribution is another challenge. Go to your local bookstore and tell ‘em you wrote a book and you’d like them to sell it. Odds are that won’t happen. Plus, with everybody and their dog being able to publish, there’s a lot of junk that gets in the way of skillful writing by people who have worked hard at their craft. But hey…who am I to judge. Creativity is a good thang, right? And that’s the truth.

Keep on writing…I believe in you.


David Bowie-Changes